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1087 days ago 0 comments From: ASlipOfAGirl Categories: blog  Tags: a slip of a girl blog glam vintage retro style 
tadtoomuchtanfortaupe.blogspot.com — My other girlie glam blog.
1087 days ago 0 comments From: ASlipOfAGirl Categories: blog glamworship  Tags: lingerie vintage lingerie fetish panties nightgowns sissies femme pretty 
aslipofagirl.net — Exploring the romance of lingerie; Specializing in vintage lingerie *swoon*More than just fashion & shopping; it's culture, sexy pinups, and rants about what rides-up our collective behinds.
1180 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: blog tumblr  Tags: tumblr misspinkygalore miss pinky mpg pinky galore vintage retro ephemera 
misspinkygalore.tumblr.com — A collective of things that inspire Me and enhance My mind and soul. Witness the things that addict you to Me. Keep them close to your heart as they are to Mine.

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