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469 days ago 0 comments From: GreedyGoddessSue Categories: other  Tags: notre domme ggs slave training money slave training 
notredomme.wordpress.com — Notre Domme News brings you the latest in what's going on at my premiere training academy: NOTRE DOMME. With a tease of the various courses available, ways to be of use as a Teacher's Pet and much more... Notre Domme News keeps you up to date on your studies. Or if you've been too frightened to register for school at Notre Domme, it gives you a taste of what you're missing out on. Until you can't stand it and you just have to join!
956 days ago 1 comments From: minagorey Categories: clips4sale  Tags: money slaves paypigs humiliation 
clips4sale.com — Here's a little something for the loser cuck boys! You know who you are and of course, just how utterly pathetic you are and that you deserve all the ABUSE I can hurl at you! Like for example, this MASSIVELY OVERPRICED clip. You're going to pay through the fucking nose for this one, you piece of and be grateful I even let you do that much for me. For the true abuse you so richly deserve, do take a listen to my evil plans for you, as I enjoy a lipstick-soaked cigarette and blast you in your stupid face with my smoke.
956 days ago 1 comments From: minagorey Categories: other  Tags: money slaves paypigs humiliation 
xxxmina.cammodels.com — Beg nicely and I may login to my cam and let you!  Be ready to spend, slaves.
1138 days ago 0 comments From: PrincessMindy Categories: blog  Tags: long legs legs fetish findom financial domination wallet money slave worship spoiled greedy 
MistressMindy.com — My awesome and super amazing website!

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