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287 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: niteflirt  Tags: miss pinky galore mistress pinky galore niteflirt ptv pay to view 
misspinkygalore.com — Your home base for my Niteflirt PTVs... bookmark it!
562 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: tumblr  Tags: pervert galore miss pinky galore tumblr niteflirt blog nsfw adult sexy fetish 
pervertgalore.tumblr.com — Follow my #NSFW tumblr blog!
653 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: blog  Tags: miss pinky galore mistress pinky galore niteflirt fetish tasks ptv blog 
misspinkygalore.com — My personal website with blog posts, photos, and links to all my phone lines, items for purchase,  and wishlists.
861 days ago 1 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: myphonesite  Tags: mpg pinkygalore miss pinky galore call me myphonesite findom findomme tribute 
myphonesite.com — My main line... use it wisely.  Call me on my "Greedy Miss Pinky" line for the ultra reasonable rate of 3.99 per minute.  I'm so generous to allow you this opportunity, don't fuck it up!  Give me your love, give me your money~ I want it ALL!!!!
1125 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: wishlist other  Tags: e cert e gift card gift card certificate online tribute wishlist prezzie presents mpg miss pinky galore 
misspinkygalore.blogspot.com — Now you can find ALL my desired gift certificate and wishlist links on ONE page~ I make it SO EASY for you to give ME what I want!
1179 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: blog tumblr  Tags: tumblr misspinkygalore miss pinky mpg pinky galore vintage retro ephemera 
misspinkygalore.tumblr.com — A collective of things that inspire Me and enhance My mind and soul. Witness the things that addict you to Me. Keep them close to your heart as they are to Mine.
1214 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: GreedySnobs.com  Tags: mpg pinkygalore miss pinky audio voice clip humiliation shrinkage 
greedysnobs.com — Your brain and penis keep shrinking!
1329 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: blog  Tags: mpg pinkygalore miss pinky blog livejournal 
mistresspinky.livejournal.com — Breaking hearts since 1969....read on....

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