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nixpayne.livejournal.com — Private blog detailing my real-time domination sessions. Comment to be added.
mistressnix.tumblr.com —   Photoblog of my favourite things -- fetish fashion, bitches with switches & latex babes in restraints.
973 days ago 1 comments From: SnobbyAdministrators Categories: myphonesite  Tags: myphonesite call phone hotline talk live connect 
callgreedysnobs.myphonesite.com — Call and talk LIVE to a Greedy Snob! Ladies, be GREEDY and join our hotline! For more info, join our Myphonesite Snobs Club here on site!
1331 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: blog  Tags: mpg pinkygalore miss pinky blog livejournal 
mistresspinky.livejournal.com — Breaking hearts since 1969....read on....

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