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783 days ago 2 comments From: ExquisiteGoddessArrion Categories: other  Tags: ega cucky humiliation 
youtube.com — cuckys  humiliation
908 days ago 0 comments From: PrincessMindy Categories: niteflirt  Tags: homewrecker home-wrecking findom humiliation bratty princess 
mistressmindy.net —  This HOT MP3 comes with a hi-res closeup ass worship picture in which you will follow the instructions while listening & under my hypnosis... This hypnosis is a POWERFUL & cock hardening tease Brainwashing MP3 with TRIGGERS that will make your dick INSTANTLY hard & you horny when My implanted triggers are set off IF you think you're a horny worshiping ASS addict now, just wait until you HEAR AND SEE this Ass Addiction Hypnosis... I even have JOI/Masturbation instruction in the MP3 which I use to program and train your brain.. THIS IS A HIGHLY INTENSE Mp3 that will turn you into a MAJOR ass junkie!!!  JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR HOW I USE YOUR EJACULATION AGAINST YOU In Hypnosis!!! I tell you when to cum, which it will be on my count - but your hypnosis is also filled with reprogramming and tons of TEASING & release pleasure!!! (((PROMO PRICING - This is something I would usually charge MUCH more for, but this year 2012 Iv been doing LOTS of promo pricing to snag new slaves - enjoy this amazing hypno MP3 - I release it at a low cost with GREAT PLEASURE actually... as I know how many addicts this will in turn make... :twisted:enjoy the controlled and guided orgasm slave because its coming at the cost of a life long ass addiction!* you're going to LOVE it too* 13 minutes long / $10.00 PROMO PRICING! ~~~ For more hypno and brainwashing Click here!
912 days ago 1 comments From: PrincessMindy Categories: niteflirt  Tags: homewrecker home-wrecking findom humiliation bratty princess 
mistressmindy.net —  Just look how great I am, Im so powerful – I look like sexy spoiled villain on the loose… Adore my legs and shiny ass… Look how tall I am and how you have to gaze up, while I look down at you like  a speck f dirt. My buckled black boots are going to make you so weak too! Hi-Res large Photos
930 days ago 0 comments From: PrincessMindy Categories: niteflirt myphonesite blog  Tags: homewrecker home-wrecking findom humiliation bratty princess 
mistressmindy.com — This serious & actually do-able assignment is an absolute deviant piece of genius evil bratty work- you have 20 SHOCKINGLY mean, deviant & perverted home-wrecking tasks you must do which involve your wife/gf – its discreet, so she wont really know – all she will know is how insanely pissed off, offended & hurt*boo hoo* that she is… All the while you will be having a raging hard-on DAILY for the entire duration of this assignment… which is ONE WEEK!
955 days ago 1 comments From: minagorey Categories: clips4sale  Tags: money slaves paypigs humiliation 
clips4sale.com — Here's a little something for the loser cuck boys! You know who you are and of course, just how utterly pathetic you are and that you deserve all the ABUSE I can hurl at you! Like for example, this MASSIVELY OVERPRICED clip. You're going to pay through the fucking nose for this one, you piece of and be grateful I even let you do that much for me. For the true abuse you so richly deserve, do take a listen to my evil plans for you, as I enjoy a lipstick-soaked cigarette and blast you in your stupid face with my smoke.
955 days ago 1 comments From: minagorey Categories: other  Tags: money slaves paypigs humiliation 
xxxmina.cammodels.com — Beg nicely and I may login to my cam and let you!  Be ready to spend, slaves.
nixpayne.livejournal.com — Private blog detailing my real-time domination sessions. Comment to be added.
mistressnix.tumblr.com —   Photoblog of my favourite things -- fetish fashion, bitches with switches & latex babes in restraints.
1060 days ago 0 comments From: Princess Categories: niteflirt  Tags: niteflirt phone with cam princess webcam fetish chat domiantion calls humiliation calls 
niteflirt.com — Chat with Me plus see Me on cam!
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