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792 days ago 0 comments From: GreedySissies Categories: blog tumblr myphonesite  Tags: greedysissies sissy sissies tumblr nsfw naughty pics 
greedysissies.tumblr.com — Drool over lots of NSFW pics of gorgeous sissies, tgirls, maids, and shemales.
880 days ago 0 comments From: MissPinkyGalore Categories: myphonesite GreedySnobs.com  Tags: greedysissy greedysissies sissy sissies trans tranny pimped slave sub work for women 
myphonesite.com — Are you curious about becoming a GreedySissies call gurl? Confused about whether or not you should take the plunge? Unsure if you'll be able to really make a man cum over the phone? Worried that your friends and family will find out? You're not alone, alot of the gurls felt the same way you do right now.  You just need a little lube for your brain, hon...  *wink wink*. Call and let's talk about it and you'll feel much better afterwards.
902 days ago 0 comments From: SnobbyAdministrators Categories: GreedySnobs.com myphonesite blog  Tags: myphonesite mps callgreedysnobs greedysissies call phone chat phone sex 
greedyphonesex.blogspot.com — Our fab new promo venue for our CallGreedySnobs and GreedySissies operators.  All operators have been sent invitations to be guest authors on the blog to self promote.  If you did not receive yours, please let us know!  Operators can feature themselves and their phone lines, post links, updates, etc.
931 days ago 0 comments From: SnobbyAdministrators Categories: GreedySnobs.com wishlist  Tags: greedysnobs greedy women gifts greedywishlists 
astore.amazon.com — Gifts fit for a Queen! Celebrate her Jubilee every day!  If you need inspiration while stocking your amazon wishlist, check out GreedyGifts for the most luxurious and expensive products amazon has to offer!
931 days ago 0 comments From: GreedySissies Categories: other  Tags: sissy sissies greedysissies shop shopping sweet shop clothes lingerie shoes makeup movies books 
astore.amazon.com — Gurls, we know you've got a sweet tooth for shopping~ what woman doesn't?? Now you can shop to your heart's content in the Greedy Sissies Sweet Shop! We've got lingerie, sex toys, books, movies, and makeup goodies! Bookmark it and keep checking for new additions!
greedysnobs.blogspot.com — Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Greedy Snobs, But Were Afraid To Ask!
1064 days ago 0 comments From: ASlipOfAGirl Categories: wishlist  Tags: a slip of a girl greedy spoil me wishlists 
fickleknickers.blogspot.com — Where you can find more wish lists, etc.
1082 days ago 0 comments From: GreedySissies Categories: myphonesite blog wishlist  Tags: myphonesite pso sissy sissies greedysissies 
greedysissies.com — Lusty gurls await your call! What are they wearing! What will they do for you! Call and find out! Join the harem of slutty call girls who slave over hot phones to line the purses of Greedy Women!
1136 days ago 0 comments From: PrincessMindy Categories: blog  Tags: long legs legs fetish findom financial domination wallet money slave worship spoiled greedy 
MistressMindy.com — My awesome and super amazing website!
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